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A selfy of artist vortex visionz
creative cyber tech backdrop

Welcome to my world of artistry and imagination!

I go by Anthony, but you can also call me "Visionz" if you'd like.


As a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, 

I find pure bliss in exploring every delightful medium to unleash my creativity. 

With some remarkable achievements under my belt and the joy

of collaborating with incredible clients, I believe my journey has just begun!


Thank you for gracing my space with your presence and taking a peek at my work.

If you're ready to embark on a creative adventure together,

feel free to reach out anytime for projects or quotes!



I'm skilled in a variety of design realms, including: 

• Graphic Design
• Logo Design
• Product Design
• Illustrations
• Cartoons/ Concept Art
• 3D Modeling

• 2D/3D Animation
• Merch Designs 
• Template Designs
• Advertisements
• Photo/ Video Editing
• Adobe Creative Suite

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